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Easy Task Manager is an easy-to-use personal task manager
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Do you ever feel that you have too many things to do? Does this make you “freeze” and do nothing? Have you ever been reproached for failing to finish a work task on due time?
EasyTask Manager is a application that will manage your to-do tasks and help you take the most of your time so that you never feel you cannot cope with your obligations.
This software is easy to use by people who are already familiar with other to-do-list managers, and even if you are not, you will quickly learn how to use it. The main action you can carry out is adding a new task. A toolbar button will open the Add New Task dialog box, where you will be prompted to fill in data about the task, such as a descriptive name, the date or time period, the project it belongs to, the level of importance and the current status. In addition, you can also add descriptive notes or set the recurrence of the tasks. Nevertheless, there is a field that differentiates this application from others of the same type. I am talking about the field called “Context”. By this, the developers refer to the place or tools you need to execute the action. This will help you filter the tasks accordingly and use your time with greater efficiency. For example, you can create a context called “@office” and filter the list when you are at work so that you will have a specific view of the tasks you can perform while you are there.
The left panel consists on a series of filters that you can create or use to identify your tasks. Besides, you can print a list of your tasks.
Easy Task Manager is capable of synchronizing tasks with Microsoft Outlook, but some of the fields will not be synchronized because the developers admit this feature is still under development. Synchronizing will come handy when you need to take your to-do-list with you, using your laptop or your smart phone.

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  • It lets you filter your tasks according to the context


  • It cannot fully synchronize tasks with Outlook
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